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The first thing to do is TAKE A PICTURE of your paintball gun. YOU WILL SELL YOUR PAINTBALL GUN ROUGHLY 4 TIMES FASTER WITH A PICTURE. If you have a digital camera that is the best way, but if you don't you can take a picture of your paintball gun with your 35 mm or other standard camera. Then when you have a picture of your paintball gun have it developed at Walmart or local drugstore, BUT have them put the pictures on a kodak CD rom instead of picture paper. When you take the pictures, take several on different backgrounds like a carpet or counter top or your driveway. Some of the best pictures I've taken were on our concrete driveway under a shade tree. It was just enough contrast between the paintball gun and the concrete with good even lighting so all the details were readily visable on the pictures of the paintball gun. After you have a decent picture write an accurate description of your paintball gun and any extra parts you have added to your paintball gun. POST this picture and description at any web site that will allow you to upload pictures to it. A lot of times your internet will allow you a free personal website as part of your monthly cost. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as to the procedure to post web pages. After you get the site (URL) you FTP the picture to that site. Then to put the picture in your post you write out the description and then you put this line in the add to show the picture [img]http://www.totalgeek.org/images/tline.gif[/img] The red text must be exactly as shown. The blue text is the website you type in to show just your picture. You may then use your picture at WWW.PAINTBALL-GUNS.COM or if you wish you can also put your gun on an auction like eBAY or yahoo using the same picture site. The auctions will usually sell your gun faster but at a lot lower price. Be sure to put a reserve price on your paintball gun of the least amount you will take for your paintball gun. Also some auctions like eBAY charge for their listings. Read the instructions at each site and sell it !